Our research in Physical Activity and Health is concerned with understanding, measuring, and promoting physical activity and related health behaviours.

This involves examining population trends, as well as the sociodemographic, psychological, social and environmental factors that influence behaviour at different life stages.

Our researchers work on the development of new measures to improve understanding of the links between physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health and well-being. We use a multi-disciplinary approach and concepts from epidemiology, health promotion, public health, and exercise science to design, implement, and evaluate innovative interventions.

These interventions aim to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour across the lifespan.

Current and previously funded research projects (led by HMNS)

Current projects 



Funding Scheme


Implementation and scale-up of a consumer co-designed physical activity promotion program for people with moderate-to-profound disabilities

Stewart Trost, 

Sean Tweedy,

Jessica Hill, 

Kelly Clanchy

Emma Beckman,

Sjaan Gomersall, 

Jennifer Fleming, 

John Cairney,

Jonas Fooken

Iain Dutia

2022 MRFF Effective Treatments and Therapies - stream 22023-2026

Small Steps for Big Changes: Implementing an Evidence-Based Diabetes Prevention Program into Diverse Urban Communities

Genevieve Healy,  

Mary Jung,

Sjaan Gomersall,

Ana Goode, David Dunstan,

Harmonee Dove,

Michael Tsiamis


Institutes of Health
Research Healthy Cities
Implementation Science
Team Grants

The 360-Kids Community network to support children with neurodevelopmental challenges

John Cairney

Kai Wheeler and colleagues

UQ HERA2022-2027

Design of a First Nations Community Impact Framework for Athletics Australia 

Kai Wheeler

Emily Hall

Veronique Richard

Steven Rynne

Emma Beckman

John Cairney

Athletics Australia2022-2023
Supporting adults to sit less and move more for chronic disease prevention and managementGenevieve HealyNHMRC MRFF Investigator Grant2021-2025
CATCHing up: A continuation of the Coordination and Activity Tracking
in Children cohort study

John Cairney

Matt Kwan, B. Timmons, W. Terrance, D. Price, S Veldhuizen  & S

Canadian Institute of Gealth Research Project grant, led by Brock University2021-2024

Capitalising on the potential of the primary care setting to facilitate healthy eating in the Australian population

Prof Lauren BallNHMRC Investigators Grant2020-2024


Previous projects



Funding Scheme


Truck-Fit: Testing of a scalable high intensity interval training program for male long distance truck drivers with cardio-metabolic risks and conditions

Nicholas Gilson,

Wendy Brown,

Mitch Duncan

Guy Wallis

National Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant


Building workplace capacity to take up and deliver a sit less, move more
workplace program: BeUpstanding e-learning

Ana Goode

Samantha Stephens

Genevieve Healy

UQ Knowledge Exchange & Translation Fund,

in partnership with Kin8


Mob Moves: Co-designing a program to empower socioemotional learning through physical activity 

Keane Wheeler

Emily Hall

John Cairney

UQ Indigenous Research Engagement and Partnerships Fund2022
Development and implementation of the BeUpstanding Dashboard to
support Australian workers to sit less and move more

Ana Goode

Genevieve Healy

ActiveKIT Program2021-2022
Sitting, Standing and Moving: Evaluating the impact of health enhancing initiativesBronwyn ClarkeNHMRC Early Career  Fellowships2016-2022

Active Choices: A 'stepped-down' program to promote group-based physical activity to DVA clients

Nicholas Gilson,

Gregore Iven Mielke,

Catherine Haslam,

Jonas Fooken,

Wendy Brown

Department of Veterans'



Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour across the lifespan: health effects, temporal trends, and innovative approaches to improving global levels of physical activity

Gregore Iven Mielke

Wendy Brown

UQ Development Fellowships


A sustainable strategy for improving school physical activity practices


Michalis Stylianou, Leon Straker,

N. Schranz

Sjaan Gomersall

M. Rosenberg


Healthway Project with Curtin University – UQ component


A longitudinal multilevel study of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and physical function in mid-to-late adulthood


Wendy Brown,

Nicola Burton,

G. Turrell,

B. Giles-Corti,

A. Barnett

Nancy Pachana


Project Grant administered by Deakin University


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