Honours offers you the opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in your area of interest.

A 1-year honours degree prepares you to undertake a Master of Philosophy or a Doctor of Philosophy, but many students enrol in order to explore an area of research that has come to fascinate them, and to cap off a three-year degree (such as the Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences) before entering the world beyond the university.

Postgraduate Honours is an additional one year of full-time study for suitably qualified bachelor degree graduates.

During your honours degree you will pursue an independent research project in a field of interest under the supervision of an academic staff member.

You will acquire a range of skills including:

  • critical analysis
  • advanced research methods
  • incisive reading skills
  • improved communication skills
  • improved interpersonal skills
  • independent learning
  • how to plan, research and produce a substantial project

These skills will enable you to work without close supervision in a research environment in industry or government, or to proceed to a research higher degree.

Graduates of any UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences degree (or equivalent degree program from a different institution) are eligible for the Bachelor of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences (Honours)

Please note that from 2015 students must have a GPA of at least 5.0 or satisfy the Executive Dean that the they are suitably qualified to undertake honours in order to meet the entry requirements. 

Graduate of a UQ Bachelor of Arts degree (or equivalent degree program from a different institution) are eligible to undertake a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in the field of Sports Studies.*

* Must also meet other entry requirements. Details of entry requirement can be found by following the above links.