Pedagogy and Socio-cultural Studies research focuses on developing theory and methodologies to inform and achieve evidence-based policy and practice in areas including Health and Physical Education (HPE) curricula, government agendas, community and sporting organisations, and theories of pedagogy.

Our researchers in HPE and broader fields of education attract international interest related to HPE curriculum, pedagogy and policy, education commercialisation, as well as informing government agendas. Their work also includes research into HPE teacher education and the meaning of physical activity in the lives of young people.

Sport history research focuses on philosophical, digital and Indigenous history, and history as represented through material culture including film, monuments, memorials, and photographs.

Sociological and cultural studies of sport explore the role of bodies and culture in relation to our sporting and physically active lives, with a focus on diversity and inclusion in relation to sex/gender, sexuality and indigeneity, and spaces such as schools, media, industry, and nature


Current and previous funded research projects (led by HMNS)



Funding Scheme


Pride, Resilience and Identity: Reimagining Aboriginal Sport History

Murray Phillips

Gary Osmond

Barry Judd

 The investigatory team would like to acknowledge Honorary Professor Colin Tatz, who passed away on 19 November 2019, as a Partner Investigator.

ARC Discovery Project 2020-2023

The digitisation of school health and physical education

Michael Gard,

Deborah Lupton,

Deana Leahy,

Carolyn Pluim

ARC Discovery Project


Sport, Stories and Survival: Reframing Indigenous Sport History

Gary Osmond

ARC Future Fellowship


The History of Basketball Queensland

Murray Phillips

Stephen Townsend


Basketball Queensland


Healthy transition navigators: Fostering students' learning and wellbeing to promote positive post- secondary transitions into higher education learning environments

Louise McCuaig,

Doune Macdonald, Eimear Enright,

Michalis Stylianou, Anna Hogan,

Michael Gard,

Nicola Burton,

Sjaan Gomersall,

Michael Leveritt,

Sue Monsen

Queensland Department of Education, Education Horizon


A sustainable strategy for improving school physical activity practices


Michalis Stylianou, Leon Straker,

N. Schranz

Sjaan Gomersall

M. Rosenberg


Healthway Project led by Curtin University


Commercial Activity in Pacific Education

Anna Hogan

Greg Thompson

Bob Lingard

Mesake Dakuidreketi

Education International


Understanding ecological sensibilities in recreational lifestyle sport

Rebecca Olive



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