Nutrition and Dietetics research focuses on understanding and promoting the role and effect of food on human health and disease.

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Nutrition screening, nutrition assessment including body composition assessment, nutritional requirements, nutrition diagnosis, international nutrition and dietetics terminology and dietetics outcomes research
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for particular conditions and patient groups e.g. oncology nutrition, renal nutrition and nutrition for older adults, paediatrics, functional nutrition therapy for chronic disease management
  • Immunonutrition, bioactive food constituents, functional foods and beverages, including functional nutrition therapies
  • Nutritional genomics in healthy ageing
  • Dietary factors and the mudaltion of the gut microbiota
  • Food and nutrition service policy, evaluation, practice and management
  • Dietetics and nutrition education
  • Nutrition for sport performance


Nutrition and Dietetics Research Group