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About the Centre for Sport and Society

The UQ Centre for Sport and Society (CSS) aims to create a better world through research, teaching, and community engagement activities related to sport, health, education, and movement cultures. Centre members are committed to the capacity for sport and movement cultures to enable people to learn about health, relationships, bodies, the environment, and their communities. The Centre further advocates that sporting organisations have a critical role to play in shaping ways of knowing and thinking about a range of issues. We also view sport as playing a vital role in Australian society and our engagement with Asia-Pacific and global communities.

Our members include Cultural Studies, Education, History, and Sociology scholars. The Centre has multidisciplinary expertise on bodies, health, sport, and movement cultures, including high performance, school-based, recreation or leisure forms of participation, and the Paralympic and Olympic Games. We address a range of topics such as: health and physical education; Indigenous health and sporting achievements; sport for development and peace; the participation of women; and the impacts of digital technologies.

We advocate for holistic approaches to health and well-being that include diverse people and forms of participation, enabling all individuals to achieve their goals or potential.


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