The Exercise Clinic for People with Cancer is an exercise program facilitated by final year Clinical Exercise Physiology students which is specifically designed for men and women with a previous diagnosis of cancer.

The goal of the clinic is to encourage physical activity and help participants incorporate exercise into their long-term treatment plans.

The program is held in April-May each year, is FREE and includes at least:

  • Two assessments of aerobic fitness, muscle strength, blood pressure, heart rate, balance and flexibility.
  • Four individualised exercise sessions supervised by accredited exercise physiologists to train strength, aerobic fitness, balance and the pelvic floor.
  • A personalised home exercise program which will provide guidance for ongoing home-based exercise.

Participants are asked to attend a one-hour session, weekly, for six weeks.

Sessions will take place in a private, fully equipped gym operated by The University of Queensland.

Participants are required to obtain a letter from their physician (template provided) to obtain relevant information to assist with exercise testing and prescription.

Free parking will be available for all sessions.

For more information or to express your interest for the upcoming clinic please contact: Kirsten Adlard via email or phone 0421 011 511.

See the ESSA website for more information on how an Exercise Physiologist can help!