A team of Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Endocrinologists have developed a series of resources to assist in the delivery of exercise to people with diabetes.

The resources include flow charts and action plans that provide guidance based on a person’s type of diabetes and their blood glucose level.

They are free to download from this page along with the article that they were published in.

Available resources

Research Article: Resources to Guide Exercise Specialists Managing Adults with Diabetes (PDF, 5.4 MB)

Flow Chart: Type 1 Diabetes (PDF, 49.5 KB)

Type 1 diabetes

Flow Chart: Type 2 Diabetes (PDF, 48.7 KB)

Type 2 Diabetes

Action Plan: Type 1 Diabetes (PDF, 162.9 KB)

Diabetes Action Plan

Action Plan: Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Action Plan (on Insulin and/or Sulphonylureas)  (PDF, 115 KB)

Diabetes action plan type 2

Action Plan: Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Action Plan (Lifestyle Controlled or Treated with Diabetes Medications - other than Insulin and/or Sulphonylureas) (PDF, 99 KB)

Action plan type 2

Table 1: Additional Considerations for People with Diabetes Exercising (PDF, 76.5 KB)


Project members

Professor Jeff Coombes

Professor & Director
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences