The sensory prerequisites of effective simulator-based pilot training

Australian Research Council Linkage Project with Max Planck Society & Boeing Australia

Researchers: Prof Guy Wallis, Prof Stephan Riek, Prof Robin Burgess-Limerick, Prof Heinrich Buelthoff and Dr Jason Armstrong

Years: 2020-2023

Funding Body: Australian Research Council, Max Planck Society & Boeing Australia (ARC Linkage Project)


Simulators offer enormous potential for workforce training and assessment. However, current high-fidelity systems based around real interfaces (e.g. driving and full-flight simulators) are costly to purchase and maintain. Headmounted virtual reality systems offer a cheap and more flexible alternative, but our understanding of how best to harness such systems is currently underdeveloped. In partnership with Boeing Australia, this project will investigate next generation simulator technologies to demonstrate how best to harness them for training. Its outcomes will impact a wide range of industries and service providers paving the way for virtual reality systems to become a core element in future training solutions.


Project members

Professor Guy Wallis

Professor & Director of Research
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences