The provision of foodservice forms a significant part in providing aged care at community individuals’ homes and residential aged care facilities. The recent Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety has resulted in public recognition of the underlying challenges in providing high quality and appealing food with a wide range of choice. A close relationship exists between the choice of menu and the methods of preparing food that the foodservice providers have adopted. There is limited extant literature the various meal preparation strategies and their effects on the planning and choice of menu in the aged care foodservice. This project will explore the current use of convenience and readymade products to develop aged care menus; dispel current myths of how to apply convenience and readymade technology to improve choice and meal quality; and explore how best to support aged care homes and meet the increasing expectation of this sector. 

This research is self- funded. Potential funding from the industry will cover the other research cost. 


Project members

UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences researchers involved in this project:

Emeritus Professor Sandra Capra

Emeritus Professor
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

Ms Ge Ge

PhD Candidate