Although food insecurity is often seen as a contributing factor to childhood overweight and obesity, extremely limited evidence is available to confirm this. In remote First Nations communities in the Torres and Cape, people experience high rates of food insecurity along with higher rates of childhood overweight and obesity than the general population. There has been limited documentation of prevalence, causes and interventions relating to food insecurity and childhood obesity in the Far North Queensland Area. This project aims to explore the two issues of childhood overweight and obesity and food insecurity in the Torres and Cape, and the possible link between them. This will be done through a mixed methods approach, such as exploratory research, qualitative research (yarning circles), population health data analysis and remote store sales data collection and analysis. Consultation with Elders, community leaders and community members of the Torres and Cape will be embedded at every step. This project aims to develop actions for  tackling childhood overweight and obesity through a food security lens, that are designed for the community, by community. 

Project members

UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences researchers involved in this project:


Dr Jacki Walker

Senior Lecturer
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences