BPhEd (ExSprSci) (Hons1)

Research Project

Exercise-induced oxidative stress


Attending the University of Otago in New Zealand, Alistair completed his Bachelor of Physical Education Sport and Exercises Sciences with a major in Exercise and Sports Science in 2012. Alistair completed a two-year honours degree concurrently with his undergraduate degree specialising in whey protein supplementation. Following this, with a passion for research, Alistair began a PhD candidature at the University of Queensland in the Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences School under the supervision of Professor Jeff Coombes. Alistair’s program of research is primarily involved in exercise biochemistry and physiology for both healthy and chronic disease populations. He has substantial experience in designing and conducting large scale, multi-site clinical trials, including nutraceutical supplementation studies, genetic and protein work in muscle tissue and blood samples (RT-PCR, Western blotting, High-resolution respirometry, GC/MS/MS, HPLC/MS/MS, etc). Alistair’s research studies and skills comprise redox health, oxidative damage and its genetic implications.  Alistair’s thesis is near completion and he is currently, working as a research scientist for a commercial research organisation based in Brisbane. Alistair is managing multiple large scale clinical trials in both healthy and chronic disease populations.

Research Interests

Alistair’s interests in research cross many different areas involved in both exercise and non-exercise disciplines. Currently, Alistair’s research is investigating biomarkers of disease, oxidative stress, redox health, oncological exercise interventions, blood flow restriction training, nutraceutical interventions, genetic markers of disease, muscle cell respiration, point of care device reliability, and the impact of exercise intensity on biomarkers of disease. Alistair has presented locally, nationally and internationally over the course of his PhD candidature.


Professor Jeff Coombes

Dr Llion Roberts

Dr Veronique Chachay