Researcher biography

Dr Veronique Richard earned her doctoral degree in sport science from the University of Montreal then went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in sport psychology at Florida State University. Her specialization in performance psychology and creativity has brought her to work in both research and applied environments.

Currently working as a research fellow at the University of Queensland, she is conducting applied research combining creativity and movement sciences to optimize performance, health and wellbeing. Dr Richard's research interests initially emerged from her simultaneous involvements with high performance sports and circus arts. In her prior roles as a mental performance consultant for Canadian national sport organisations and Cirque du Soleil, Veronique observed the challenges of balancing high-level performance and well-being for sport and performing arts stakeholders. To tackle this challenge, she designs enriched movement activities to build creativity supportive environements and examine the impact of such environments on creativity-related cognitive, affective, and socio-cultural variables. The goal of her research is to impact individuals' holistic growth by creating spaces where everyone can use their physicality to experiment, discover, connect, and express. While sport organisations remain an important field of investigation, she is now expanding her research to other high performance domains (e.g., medical), schools, as well as health and wellbeing organsations. She is also interested in exploring how creativity supportive environements can contribute to equity, diversity, and inclusion in organisations.