The purpose of the HMNS Research Student Travel Awards is to support RHD student attendance at academic meetings of international standing.

Funding Details

  • The awards will be distributed twice a year with equal funds being available in each epoch. (2 X [2 X $250; 1 X $500]).a
  • Round 1 applications close on the: 
  • Round 2 applications close on the: 
  • Successful applicants must present the paper for which support is granted in the HMNS Seminar Series within 6 months of the conference.
  • All applications need to be submitted to the Research Committee via email:


  • Eligible students must be enrolled primarily in a UQ HMNS research postgraduate degree (≥ 50% HMNS).
  • Applicants can only receive travel award once during candidature and can only apply for funds within 6 months of conference deadline.
  • Advisors and applicant are expected to contribute towards the applicant’s travel costs (the distribution of expenses should be indicated in the application).


Awards are made on a competitive basis according to the criteria outlined below. Applications will be considered by a committee comprising the Head of School (or delegate) and members of the research committee. Applications should address each criterion and provide supporting documentation where available (eg conference acceptance, costs, letters confirming meetings).

  • The conference must be of an “international standard”.b
  • Activities completed in the candidature to date: Consideration will be given to the following (in order of priority):
    • Progress in candidature (e.g. milestones completed in appropriate period, clear timeline for completion).
    • Research outcomes from activity DURING candidature (papers, abstracts, grants and awards, etc).c
  • Merit of any additional associated activities (e.g. meetings, lab visits, satellites, etc).
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have presented at the HMNS post graduate conference prior to/ or by the time of travel for which the award is given.d
  • Consideration may be given to additional service activities to UQ HMNS  eg, committees.

Apply Now

a Any funds remaining from an intake can be carried over to either second intake or subsequent year.

b  Provide evidence to support the standing of the conference.

c Please clearly distinguish outcomes that have arisen from work since enrolment from previous work.

d For local students, if presentation has not been made at Straddie, applicants should make a declaration that will they will present at the next Straddie conference.