The School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences Advancement Board was established in April 2010 to play a pivotal role within the School: to keep us in touch with alumni, supporters,  and the needs of industry; and to challenge the School to communicate and grow our reputation within Australia and around the world.

Role of the Advancement Board:

The pivotal role of the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences Advancement Board includes providing knowledge, counsel and advice to the Head of School and its senior management, such as:

  • expert advice for the purpose of formulating advancement strategy
  • representing the organisation in the community
  • enhancing the School's reputation through individual member activities and expertise
  • providing access to recourses such as the provision of contacts and introductions to important external relationships, information, advice, funds and facilities
  • give an outside view to the School on its activities while understanding the critical issues faced by the School

Key objectives of the Advancement Board:

The key objectives of the Advancement Board are to establish and develop strong relationships with a number of key stakeholders includingalumni, donors, government and communities, and industry,in order to:

  • establish and support fundraising goals and priorities
  • raise awareness of SHMS research
  • accelerate the uptake of SHMS programs into government and commerce, nationally and internationally
  • advocate in public/government and private/industry contexts for policies based upon SHMS research findings including creating and promoting an awareness of and support for the School's academic and research achievements and building.

Advancement Board Members:

Dr Peter Abernethy, Queensland Health
Dr Sue Hooper Director, Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
Ms Judy HudsonPresident, Olympians Club of Queensland
Ms Fiona Sutton, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Queensland
Mr Chris Goninon, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences