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Jon Anderson

Post-operative outcomes of transphyseal anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in skeletally immature patients using round-headed cannulated interference screw fixation.

Dr Craig Engstrom

A/Prof David Jenkins

Scott Brennan

Muscle-tendon mechanics, movement economy and preferred cadence in cycling

A/Prof Glen Lichtwark

Prof Andrew Cresswell

Dr Dominic Farris


James Devin

Exercise Intensity andColorectal Cancer Survivors: An Investigation of Physiological Systems, Systemic Biomarkers and Cellular Mechanisms

A/Prof David Jenkins

Dr Tina Skinner

Alexander Field

Exploring the culture of a sporting organisation

Dr Steven Rynne

Prof Cliff Mallett

Samantha Fisher

Sex differences and training adaptations in relation to the lactate threshold and endurance exercise performance

A/Prof David Jenkins

Dr Tina Skinner

Justin Holland

The role of hydration in motorsport performance

Dr Michael Leveritt

Dr Tina Skinner

Mr Christopher Irwin

Christine Houghton

The Role of Phytochemicals in Modulating Intrinsic Human Cellular Defence Processes

Prof Jeff Coombes

Dr David Briskey

Prof Robert Fassett

Jayishni Maharaj

The mechanical function of the subtalar joint and tibialis posterior muscle during walking

A/Prof Glen Lichtwark

Prof Andrew Cresswell


Fernanda Serra De Queiroz

Life skills: Perceived importance of skills and at- risk youth experiences of LifeMatters

Dr Stephanie Hanrahan


Karen Shelley

Shaken or Stirred? Considering the usefulness of critical pedagogy in preparing teachers to implement socio-critical health education.

Dr Louise McCuaig

Prof Richard Tinning

Kevin Smith

Teacher/lecturer attition in hardship locations

Prof Doune Macdonald

Anthony Wood

Neuromuscular and Perceptual Fatigue Responses of Elite Netball Players

Dr Emma Beckman

Dr Vince Kelly