Researcher biography

I am a primary health care researcher with unique insights into the development of practical solutions for the delivery of general practice and allied health care. My core strengths are pragmatic implementation and evaluation methods, leading advocacy for evidence-based practice and policy change and bringing multidisciplinary teams of researchers and community stakeholders together to perform meaningful, co-developed research partnerships. My interests are multicultural health care equity, primary care systems innovation, pragmatic use of primary care data to improve services and outcomes and strengthening how primary care supports healthier lifestyles.

I prioritise collaborative cross-disciplinary partnerships. Not only do I contribute to impact and knowledge creation at the UQ Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing, I also work at the UQ Centre for Health Services Research and I am an adjunct at the UQ General Practice Clinical Unit. My contributions to the field extend beyond UQ; I am a Research, Collaborations and Audits Manager at a not-for-profit general practice clinic, Inala Primary Care, giving me an invaluable look of what work at the 'coalface' is really like and how we should shape our research and innovations to leverage real-world strengths and meet the practical challenges.

I am collaborative and deeply value progress towards greater health care equity for all, especially people from priority populations.