Researcher biography

Paige has broad research interests which include: Chronodisruption and obesity, behaviour change, food labelling and policy, and health economics.
Profile: Paige graduated from The University of Western Australia in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours). Following graduation, she held a position as a Technical Marketing Officer at CBHGroup where she spearheaded a research project to predict the storage life of malt barley, which is currently in use commercially. Paige is an Associate Nutritionist and has worked with healthy, at-risk and clinical populations in the healthcare industry, and has applied her knowledge of public health in her PhD, which draws on components of behaviour change theories. To complement her PhD, Paige also teaches undergraduate students in the exercise, sports science and nutrition degree programs, and has supervised Honours and Masters students to completion. 

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Research interests

Morning versus evening exercise: Its effect on body composition and weight loss

Project title

The influence of body composition, carbohydrate and caffeine intake on athletic performance


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Dr Sjaan Gomersall

Associate Professor Neil King