Researcher biography

I am an ARC DECRA Senior Research Fellow within the Centre for Sensorimotor Performance in the School of Human Movement & Nutrition Sciences. My primary area of research is focused on enhancing our understanding of the complex function of the human foot. Despite the importance of our feet in our daily lives, we know little about this complex anatomical structure. I am driven to understand how the foot has evolved, to perform such a diverse array of locomotor tasks with relative effectiveness and efficiency. Specifically, I study how the brain and spinal cord control foot function, and the role of elastic connective tissues in providing structural support and energy conservation. I am fascinated by the intricate interaction of the many small bones within the foot, and how variations in structure may influence the physcial performance of the foot. Beyond fundamental science, my research has broad application across a range of areas. My research program has both direct industry connections (e.g. Australian Sports Commission and Asics Oceania) and potential applications in different areas of health (e.g. chronic musculoskeletal conditions - osteoarthritis), rehabilitation, and robotic/prosthetic design.