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Cultivating contexts that nurture the development of creativity is an important step toward reaching our human potential. However, in an increasingly interconnected and complex world, there are significant challenges that stand in the way of creative development. Making sense of these entwined challenges requires a novel transdisciplinary point of departure. How, for example, do we make sense of the interactions of macrosystems (i.e. economic systems) and microenvironments (i.e. classrooms). How do economic incentives and organizational structures influence the collaborations of scientists, coaches, players and teammates in sport? Does culture shape regional and national ways of playing football that are more or less creative?

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Research interests

Ecological approaches and transdisciplinary endeavour aiming to illuminate the interdependence of Football, Coaching, Culture and Creative moments

Project title

Creativity in Football: Conceptual frameworks, cultural case studies and coaching praxis


Professor Clifford Mallett

Professor Keith Davids

Professor Paul Potrac