Researcher biography

Eliza graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science in 2017. Her honours investigated the effects of exercise and diet on cancer-related fatigue. 

After graduation Eliza worked in a cardiac science before transitioning to a research assistant role at the Queensland Brain Institute. Through her honours thesis Eliza investigated the role of a combined diet and exercise program for cancer-related fatigue. Whilst working at the Queensland Brain Institute Eliza was part of a large RCT investigating cognition in healthy older adults and the role of exercise. Throughout her work on both projects, these became interest areas of Eliza and are perpetuated through her current research.

Research interests

Oncological exercise interventions 

Project title

Comparative (cost)-effectiveness of the enhanced YMCA `Cancer Survivors Program? to increase `whole-of-day? activity in people living with and beyond cancer


Dr Tina Skinner

Dr Sjaan Gomersall

Dr Brianna Fjeldsoe