Researcher Biography

Kevin completed his teacher training in PE and Mathematics from Northcote College of Education. He holds a Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Education degree from the University of Hong Kong. He is also an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. He is currently undertaking his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Queensland which seeks to explore the knowledge and identity development of beginning PE teachers in Hong Kong from a qualitative research. His study is looking at the transition from different orientation towards PE and how they become a PE Teacher. Before joining the University, Kevin had taught PE and served as Chairman of PE subject panel in a secondary school. He coached a wide range of sports teams in the school. In 1995, he joined the City University of Hong Kong and served as an Assistant PE Officer. He taught a wide variety of PE courses and coached Cross Country and Track & Field Team for the University. Kevin specializes in pedagogy and professional development culture of PE teachers and coaches. He is teaching Curricular and pedagogical studies in PE, philosophical and historical foundations of PE and sports. He can also teach a wide variety of sports skills, like soccer, golf, physical fitness. His other academic interests include Health and PE Curriculum, Pedagogy, Sports and Society. He has an established track record in developing professional development of PE teachers by researching the use of different teaching and curriculum models, developing a learning community by organizing PE teacher conference, and professional development by action research in physical education. He recently developed a new innovative professional development programme on STEM in PE for PE teachers. With the collegiate effort, Kevin and his team were awarded with the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching in 2011-12. He was awarded with an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in 2013-14. As a PE Teacher Educator and a Coach Educator, he also involved a lots of community services on professional development for PE teachers, curriculum and assessment development in PE, school management, and coach education programme.

Research Interests

Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Pedagogy, Sports and Society

Project Title

Development of Beginning Physical Education Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Identity in Transition to Professional in Hong Kong.


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