Researcher biography

Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Alberta. Matthew has also obtained graduate degrees in Education (MEd) from the University of Calgary, Sport and Exercise Psychology (MA) from Argosy University and was completing a PhD in Psychology with Walden University before changing institutions and choosing to follow the sport, athlete, and coach passion more closely with The University of Queensland. Matthew is also a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists in Canada, and a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Lastly, Matthew is a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) with the Coaches of Canada, having coached athletes in the sports of football (American) and swimming until 2010 when he began teaching. Currently, Matthew has his own practice, working with local, provincial, national, and international level athletes and teams in multiple sports.

Research interests

Sports Coaching

Project title

High performance athletes and coaches experiences: A retrospective look at the value of autonomy-supportive coaching


Professor Clifford Mallett 

Dr Michalis Stylianou