Tayla has a background in cognitive psychology and social psychology. She completed her Honours’ project in women's wellbeing and how this effects group participation and evaluation, and her Master’s project in communication patterns and attitudes of teams, and how this relates to behavioural and performance outcomes. Both qualifications were completed at the University of Otago.

Tayla is a fitness instructor by training, instructing group fitness classes in gyms since 2013. She commenced her PhD in 2017 in women’s health, specifically pelvic floor dysfunction, and the relationships between weight, physical activity, and urinary incontinence – an important indicator of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Current Research Interests

  • The risk relationship between excess weight and the development of urinary incontinence in young to mid-aged women.
  • The inter-relationships between physical activity, weight and urinary incontinence.
  • Management strategies and prevention-based programmes for young to mid-aged women with urinary incontinence.


Professor Wendy Brown (Primary)

Dr. Emma Beckman