Welcome to the HMNS Student Society

The HMNS Student Society is run be a dedicated, organised, enthusiastic group of very social undergraduate student representatives who are eager to make your university experience better. It is a society that is run by the students, for students!

The fun stuff:

The Society is responsible for organising heaps of social events throughout the year such as the traditional HMNS Ball, Sports Days, Trivia Nights, BBQ's, and End of Year Drinks. These events have been a great opportunity for students and staff to get together and for the society to raise funds for special projects. Past fundraising has enabled HMNS students to benefit from computers and new furniture in the Common Room, a TV, fridge and the HMNS BBQ.

The serious stuff:

The Society is comprised of undergraduate students who act as Student Representatives on HMNS committees, such as the HMNS Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), HMS Staff meetings and HMNS Board meetings. This enables us to provide a voice on issues affecting HMNS students. Through this involvement, we have been successful in assisting changes to the course and program structure, as well as the development of our Student Society Forum on our website.

We have also instigated the HMNS Teaching awards which recognise outstanding teaching and tutoring within the school. All undergraduate students have the opportunity to vote for staff who they believe have impacted on their learning.

Become a student representative

Do you love being getting involved and leading change? If so, why not consider becoming a Student Representative.

What's involved?

As a Student Representative you may find yourself:

  • organising and promoting sporting and social events
  • fostering communication between students and the school
  • maintaining links between current students and Alumni
  • representing the Society at committees across the University
  • participating in community and charity events
  • developing merchandise, marketing materials for the society
  • And much more!

To find out more, make any suggestions, or offer assistance please contact us: hmns.studentsociety@uq.edu.au