HWCRI is a co-funded research partnership between HMNS and Health and Wellbeing Queensland, co-led by Prof John Cairney and Prof Robyn Littlewood (CE, Health and Wellbeing Queensland). Aligning with the mission and values of both organisations, our purpose is to work in partnership to build capacity, drive innovation, foster inclusion, and generate and share knowledge to optimisehealth, wellbeing, and performance for life.
We conduct innovative and applied transdisciplinary research in preventative health and wellbeing across the life course, and in optimisingsport and human performance. In partnership with Health and Wellbeing Queensland, Queensland’s key health promotion government agency, we aim to translate research and evaluation findings into concepts and products for population level, state-wide implementation, and to build and sustain capacity by providing ‘real world’ training opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate and HDR students.
Research projects span a range of target settings and populations addressing health risk behaviourswith the aim to improve health and wellbeing outcomes including physical activity, sedentary behaviour, screen use, nutrition, sleep, mental health and wellbeing, and social connectedness. Key target areas include children and families, clinical prevention, workplaces, The Arts, and sport and recreation.


Room 244/245, Building 26A