On 22 March, the Queensland Government announced that it would provide $44 million towards establishing a Paralympic Centre of Excellence at The University of Queensland and the University remains optimistic that the Federal government will be forthcoming with the matching funding required for its establishment.

The Centre is scheduled for completion in 2026/27 and will be the hub of an internationally unique cross-sector ecosystem. Its central purpose will be to secure the talent pipeline required for Paralympic success. However in doing this it will be an engine for collaboration, research and innovation that will lead to advances in fields as diverse as rehabilitation following catastrophic injury, Paralympic classification, child and adolescent rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion for people with disabilities and skilled workforce development.

Associate Professor Sean Tweedy and Professor John Cairney were instrumental in conceptualising the facility and the program of research that will pursue. The program is wide-ranging and ambitious and will present to HMNS Academic staff and HDR students with an inspiring array of opportunities to engage in the disability space and create a lasting legacy.

We hope you are able to join us to hear more and dream big.

Presenter: A/Prof Sean Tweedy


244/245, Building 26A