This is a seminar presented by HMNS guest speaker, Prof Emeritus Audrey Hicks, Ph.D

Dr Hicks is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  After completing a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences (focused on neuromuscular physiology), her research for much of her 33-yr career focused on muscle fatigue and exercise rehabilitation in special populations.  The health-related benefits of regular physical activity in people with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injured populations have been specific areas of focus, as well the development of evidence-based physical activity guidelines. 

Dr Hicks played a leadership role in the development and release of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults, Older Adults, and Children, as well as for 2 special populations: Adults with Spinal Cord Injury and Adults with Multiple Sclerosis. 

She is the founding Director of the MacWheelers and MSFitt exercise programs at McMaster’s Physical Activity Centre of Excellence and is a past President of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. 


Building 26A, St Lucia
Room 244/245