How should we think and teach about our bodies and the bodies of our students and their clients? Bodies and their sizes and shapes are pulling and pushing us in many different directions but, arguably, we don’t talk about this often enough. Bodies are very easily “scientised” but how are we talking about this across boundaries; disciplines, gender, age, culture and so on. We need more conversations with each other and our students about how we think and teach about bodies and particularly fat bodies. 

The occasional “HMNS Salon” invites people to discuss and think about these issues. Michael Gard (HMNS) will begin Salon II with some obesity research he has published including research in schools, gyms and clinical settings. Emma Beckman (HMNS) will then talk about her experiences with UQ students and their difficulty with different body sizes. Last, Jenny Setchell (SHRS) will conclude our introduction with an overview of her PhD work which challenged practicing physiotherapists to think about how they work with people with larger bodies. 

The three presentations will be short and provocative with the main focus of the Salon being the exchange of ideas and views amongst attendees. We invite students, professional staff and academics to join us for Salon II. 


Event Contact

Name: Ms Deb Noon

Phone: 56912



Human Movement Studies Building (St Lucia), Bldg 26A