About the Centre

The University of Queensland Centre for Olympic and Paralympic Studies was founded in the year 2000 by Honorary Associate Professor Ian Jobling to foster academic and community understanding about the Olympic Movement.

In anticipation of Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Olympic Games, the Centre was re-launched and diversified in 2024.

The responsibilities of hosting The Games now extend beyond successfully conducting sports events. Organisers and host cities are expected to produce lasting benefits for their region. The UQ Centre is located in Brisbane Meanjin, the future host of the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. As active members of our community, we pledge our expertise to help the region build positive and lasting legacies from The Games. 

The purpose of the UQ Centre for Olympic and Paralympic Studies is to promote knowledge about The Games which contributes to positive legacies for sportspeople and the broader community alike. We develop research which enhances athlete performances and experiences through sport science and technology, optimises business and management practices, critically examines ethical and sociocultural issues, and builds healthier and more sustainable communities. We co-create knowledge in these areas by collaborating with industry, government, and community partners.

We pledge further to share this knowledge with our community through creating accessible educational resources, engaging young people in legacy building projects, supporting athlete-scholars, working with governments and institutions on policy issues, and hosting public interest events and visiting scholars.

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