The Connell Gymnasium is a modern, full sized air-conditioned indoor sports facility which is utilised as a teaching venue and for sports and recreation.

The gymasium features:

  • court space which can be converted easily for either Netball or Basketball function, by the use of removable netball goal posts and winch-operated Basketball hoops
  • a low maintenance, purposed designed engineered wood sprung flooring surface which includes a special long life cushioning layer
  • a modern touch-screen controlled AV system which includes twin data projectors and large drop down projection screens 
  • a distributed sound system utilising multiple speaker pods throughout  the whole gym space to provide greater clarity and even levels of sound
  • glazing windows which have been treated with a reflective film to reduce the entry of external heat while allowing plenty of natural light to enter the space
  • efficient and dimmable LED based flood lighting.

The Connell Gymnasium is located on level 2 of the Connell Building (26B), UQ St Lucia. 

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