Continuing Professional Development

At the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences (HMNS) we're aware of the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for professionals working in health and sports related fields.

The School is well qualified to offer a comprehensive and high quality program of short courses reflecting the breadth and diversity of its highly regarded teaching staff. The School draws upon a diverse configuration of disciplines including exercise and sport sciences, health, sport and physical education, sports coaching, sport and exercise psychology, sports medicine and nutrition and dietetics.

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Why do a Continuing Professional Development course? 

We are well placed to tailor-make courses to meet the changing statutory, curriculum, registration or technical requirements of experienced practitioners.  We work closely with practitioners and clinicians in the field of health and physical education teaching, exercise and sports science, exercise physiology, dietetics and sports medicine to offer its students practicum placements.  It is through these long standing relationships that we are well versed to design current, authentic learning experiences.

With the emphasis on life-long learning you will be more than aware of the rate of educational change that the information- age brings.  Keeping up to date or advancing your career must offer flexibility and be personally and professionally meaningful. CPD at UQ offers both. 

Skilled practitioners are the hallmark of any profession in offering gains for their students, clients, athletes or teams. The provision of CPD courses extends opportunities to fulltime workers in offering online short courses (8 -12 hours) that can be completed in a timely manner, without having to attend scheduled classes. 

Short courses can earn you points for credit towards postgraduate qualifications* as well as meet the requirements for registration or certification by an employer organisation.

*Conditions apply