This project aims to investigate the relationship between mid-life fitness and cognition, specifically examining cerebrovascular function as the mediator between the two. VO2max or the ability for the body to utilise oxygen has been found to be a greater predictor to the progression of dementia than physical activity however this relationship is not fully understood. This study is investigating the blood flow responsiveness to changes in oxygen/carbon dioxide and neural activity in the major arteries in the head and neck.  The study will then compare this responsiveness of brain blood flow regulation with cognition and cardiorespiratory fitness to explore the relationship between the three with the aim of explaining the relationship between why elevated cardiorespiratory fitness is protective of brain health.

Project members

The University of Queensland researchers involved in this project are:

Dr Tom Bailey

Adjunct Senior Fellow
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Honorary Senior Fellow
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Professor Jeff Coombes

Professor & Director
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences