Researcher biography

Dr Brendan Keane is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at The University of Queensland, investigating how our recent sensory- and action-history influence subsequent motor behaviours. He completed his PhD at The University of Queensland in 2019, where he investigated the neural correlates of human time perception. During his PhD he focused on understanding the neural processes underlying our ability to perceive the relative timing of sensory events, how these processes change from one moment to the next, and conscious insights into these processes. Since starting his Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with Professor Tim Carroll in 2018, he has shifted focus from perception to action. In his more recent work he investigates the information sources and neural processes underlying goal-directed movements and motor learning. His background is in experimental psychology, with a focus on better understanding neural processes related to decision-making, perception, and motor control. He has developed expertise in advanced experimental and analytic techniques, including using EEG to investigate neural processes, computational modelling of perceptual and decisional processes, and whole-brain decoding of percept, decision, and action from EEG data. He is passionate about developing our understanding of brain function through experimental psychology, and enjoys mentoring students and collaborating with colleagues here and abroad.