Researcher Profile

Marika completed her Bachelor Degree at the University of Queensland in 2017, graduating as Valedictorian. Her honours thesis focused on the combined effects of high intensity interval training and nutrition therapy on body composition and quality of life in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy.

Research Interests

Marika is interested in the field of Exercise Oncology, specifically the roles of exercise mediated circulating factors in the inhibition of tumour growth and proliferation. Her PhD will aim to add to the mechanistic understanding of the relationship between exercise intensity and antineoplastic effects with view to advance its role in cancer survivorship.

Marika has previously been involved in projects focusing on:

  • Optimising exercise for cognitive health in older adults. (Winter Research Scholarship, 2017)
  • Assessing student perception of peer assisted learning within a first-year university physiology tutorial setting. (Students as Partners Project, 2017)
  • Testing of physiological, functional and psychosocial measures in cancer patients and survivors following participation in a mHealth enhanced exercise rehabilitation clinic. (Winter Research Scholarship, 2016)