Researcher biography

Faith recently completed her Masters of Sciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Her Master’s thesis examined the influence of caffeine consumption in habituated users upon cerebral autoregulation and tolerance to a simulated haemorrhagic challenge. Her graduate work also included other projects examining the influence of minor skin cooling at the onset of a simulated haemorrhagic challenge in exercise heat stressed individuals. In her undergraduate career she assisted in an integrative physiology lab and contributed to work examining the influence of tattoos on sweating. Faith's research project is examining the manipulation of shear stress with heat therapy on the peripheral and cerebral vasculature.

Research Interests

Faith is interested broadly in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health throughout the lifespan. Her previous research experience has been in healthy populations looking at the mechanisms of daily activities, such as drinking coffee or exercise, and the influence on cerebral and vascular health. Her PhD work will specifically look at how heat and exercise therapy influences vascular function in the peripheral and cerebral circulations.

Project title

Brain health with ageing: Understanding the physiological determinants of cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive decline across the lifespan.


Dr Tom Bailey

Professor Jeff Coombes