Researcher Biography

Having been involved in high performance age grade rugby programs across Australia for nearly 10 years, I am currently completing research in conjunction with University of QLD and Rugby Australia, looking at age grade player's engagement and understanding what motivates, engages and drives players' participation. I am also working on sharing coaching concepts and findings in written format via blog and practical format directly with coaches in other sports such as soccer, swimming and golf. My background and passion is understanding people’s motivation and assisting them and the people they work with to achieve what they are striving to accomplish in sporting or working atmospheres. Previous experience, learning and qualifications have given me both the skills and desire to understand why people, most notably sporting participants engage in the ways that they do while understanding what directs their engagement and the key factors in participation and performance pathways.

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Research interests

Athlete's motivations and how coaches and environments can effect or improve these areas.

Project title

Examining the importance in coach-athlete relationships in young elite rugby union players.


Dr Steven Rynne

Professor Clifford Mallett