Researcher biography

Jodie completed her Msc by research at Exeter University in 2019. Jodie’s Msc focussed on paediatric exercise physiology, with a specific emphasis on vascular health and cardiovascular disease prevention. During this time, she was also involved in other projects on both concussion and cerebral blood flow in rugby players, and examining the effects of exercise intensity on cerebrovascular function. Jodie is a current PhD student as part of the Queensland Exeter (QUEX) collaborative initiative. Her research interest is in healthy ageing and cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease prevention; focussing on understanding the determinants of and changes in cerebrovascular function in childhood through to late adulthood. Her aims of her PhD include gaining important insight into the changes in the regulatory mechanisms with healthy ageing in order to develop interventions to attenuate the decline seen in cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive decline as we age.

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Research interests

Healthy aging, Benefits of exercise for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, mechanisms underlying cerebral blood flow regulation, cardiovascular physiology, vascular health.

Project title

Understanding the physiological determinants of cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive decline across the lifespan


Dr Tom Bailey

Professor Jeff Coombes