Researcher biography

Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, I have always had an interest in food and nutrition which lead me to my time here at UQ. I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Provisional Sports Dietitian with a love for learning. I am a part of the QUEX program, so will have to opportunity to work with the University of Exeter in the UK throughout my time. I am super excited about undertaking a PhD as there is so much room to grow and discover. Last but not least, I also work out of a private practice with Praxis Physiotherapy. 

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Research interests

Carotenoids, food composition, electronic device use and macular health, food sustainability.

Project title

Age-related macular degeneration: when is it time to care? Usual seasonal lutein dietary intake and plasma concentration, and macular pigmentation status with or without supplementation in subjects between the age of 20 to 80 years.


Dr Veronique Chachay

Dr David Briskey

Professor Sandra Capra