Researcher biography

A well-presented, self-motivated and professional MSc graduate in sport sciences with an extensive knowledge of the kinesiology of human musculoskeletal system and sensorimotor control system applicable to different fields including sport performance, fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Possessing excellent research skills of scientific literature searching, experimental setting up, data analysis and scientific article writing. Having exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills, along with the ability to learn new information quickly. Gifted with an innate curiosity and a strong will to constantly improve existing research knowledge and expertise.

At present enrolled in an international PhD program at The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) in the field of motor control and sensorimotor control system, to further the academic track record and find future employ opportunities in the scientific research realm.  

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Research interests

Motor control, sensorimotor control, proprioceptive system, vestibular system, biomechanics 

Project title

How do past actions and rewards bias goal directed movement?


Professor Timothy Carroll

Associate Professor Guy Wallis