Researcher biography

Yasmine is currently a part- time PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. Before that, she finished her Master’s degree at the American University of Beirut; her thesis examined the dietary habits and adherence to the Mediterranean diet among female breast cancer patients in Beirut, Lebanon. She believes that nutrition and dietetics are an integral part of disease prevention and community development. Yasmine enjoys the mixture of therapeutic nutrition along with community outreach; that is why she has worked on many national based studies in Lebanon. The projects were mainly related to infant/ young child and maternity feeding practices; access and improvement of educational services for school children; as well as, support and improvement of health care services in the context of the Syrian refugees.

Research interests

Mediterranean diet, non-communicable diseases, nutritional epidemiology

Project title

Reducing the progression of cognitive decline in older adults by optimizing nutritional status


Dr Olivia Louise Wright

Dr Jacqueline  Walker

Associate Professor Eugeni Roura