Researcher biography

Emily is a proud Wiradjuri woman who graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Hons) in 2020 from the University of Queensland. Emily’s PhD is focusing on innovating movement-based programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, by embedding them with Indigenous ways of Knowing, Being and Doing. The aim of this project is to improve both movement competencies and socioemotional learning in a culturally responsive manner. Additionally, Emily has continued coaching as an ASCA registered strength and conditioning coach.


Research interests

Paediatric Exercise Medicine, Physical Activity, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Science, Indigenous Health, Socioemotional Wellbeing, Movement-based learning programs


Project title
Innovating physical literacy in early childhood through the co-design of the Move2Smile with Culture program


  • Dr Keane Wheeler
  • Professor John Cairney
  • Professor Murray Phillips