2014- 2017 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (University of Exeter)

2017- 2019 Masters by Research (University of Exeter)


Jodie has recently completed her Masters by research at the University of Exeter. Her project was focussed on paediatric and cardiovascular health with her specific project title on the effects of sugar sweetened beverage consumption on blood vessel function and postprandial health. During her master’s programme she was also involved in other studies using similar ultrasound techniques focussed on blood vessel health. These included a concussion project in rugby players, and a study investigating different exercise intensities on cerebral blood flow and cognition.

She commenced her PhD in 2019 as part of the joint Queensland Exeter (QuEx) scheme, focused on brain health with aging; and understanding the physiological determinants of cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive decline across the lifespan.

Research Interests

Jodie’s research interests include cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and cognition across the lifespan. She is interested in clinical exercise physiology and has previously focussed on a paediatric population, with the interest to expand on this and work across the lifespan. Specifically, to understand the regulating mechanisms to provide insights into further interventions to treat prevention of disease.


Dr Tom Bailey (primary)

Prof Jeff Coombes

Dr Bert Bond (Uni of Exeter)

Dr Alan Barker (Uni of Exeter)