2014    Bachelor of Health Education (University of Education Freiburg, Germany)
2017    Master Sports and Movement Gerontology (German Sport University Cologne)


Stefanie graduated with a Masters in Sports and Movement Gerontology at the German Sport University Cologne at the beginning of 2017. After finishing her Masters, she worked as a research assistant at the German Sport University, contributing to a European funded research project investigating the influence of different exercise programs on cognitive and physical function in older persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

She commenced her PhD in 2019 with a focus on sex differences in shear related adaptations at the brain. Specifically, focusing on how sex differences might influence arterial adaptations through exercise, and the possible effects on cognitive function and cerebral blood flow and function in postmenopausal females.  

Research Interests

Stefanie’s research interests include cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health across the lifespan; and how sex differences might influence cognitive function and the cerebrovascular adaptation to exercise in young and old females.


Dr Tom Bailey (Primary)

Professor Jeff Coombes