Motor Active Online is an exercise program delivered online (through Zoom meetings and video sharing), designed for children 4 -17 years of age who have difficulty moving and playing in a coordinated manner, or who would like to increase their levels of physical activity.

The program focuses on developing skills and knowledge of how to be physically active and, confidence and motivation in a physically active environment. Motor Active Online provides children with an opportunity to experience success engaging in different physical activities.

Motor Active Online provides a fun, unique, non-threatening and inclusive environment for children.  

Who would be best suited to this program?

  • Children who have limited motivation and/or confidence to participate in physical activity
  • Children who often choose to not participate in physical activities
  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other developmental, learning or physical disabilities
  • Children with motor control and coordination difficulties
  • Children who would like to be more physically active

What is the key focus of the program?

Developing and enhancing each child’s:

  • Fundamental gross motor skills
  • Knowledge of how to be physically active
  • Motivation to participate, and have fun, in a physically active environment
  • Self-confidence in a physical activity and social environment
  • Ability to socially interact with their peers (through online Zoom meetings)
  • Awareness of body, space, and effort in movement
  • Comprehension, problem solving and physical education skills

What does the program entail?

  • Six weekly online Zoom sessions (per term), 60 minutes in length (groups of 4-6 children in each session)
  • Two School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences’ students will work with each child
  • Each session will be supervised by an experienced Exercise Scientist or Occupational Therapist
  • Individualised program introducing skills and knowledge of how to be physically active
  • Weekly home skill sheets and videos individualised for each child’s requirements
  • Cost of $50 per term

More information 

To enquire about program availability please contact:

Lee Svensson (Motor Active Program Coordinator)

Phone:  0439 876 552


Or to register your interest, please complete an expression of interest form:

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