The University seeks to advocate awareness of and reduce the risk of exposure to infectious disease in the workplace. 

Students who are not fully immunised put themselves, patients, clients and the placement providers at risk through potential contamination or spreading of infection and diseases. 

This is of particular importance to students in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) who undertake practical placements as part of their program. In order to achieve this aim, students are required to comply with the University’s policy and guidelines with respect to Vaccinations and Immunisation (PPL2.60.08). 

To assist students with completing their vaccinations and demonstrating immunity, the Faculty has developed the HABS Student Immunisation Guide.

Please note that practical placements in some programs start as early as Week 1. Failure to demonstrate immunity will affect your ability to go on placement or undertake clinical activities in some facilitates.

Find out when and how to submit your immunisation form.

Learn more about immunisation requirements.