School Visits Program

The HMNS School Visits Program is an educational opportunity for secondary students to apply their learning in Senior PE (focus areas A and B).

Your students will enjoy hands-on involvement in the science supporting Australia's elite athletes. They will complete a variety of authentic tasks throughout their visit and learning experiences can be integrated to your chosen physical activity.

We offer experiences in:  

Focus Area B Exercise Physiology Strength Testing and Training
Focus Area A Sport Psychology Motor Learning
Other Areas Anthropometry (body size and composition)  

Our sessions are based on the Senior Physical Education Syllabus. Students are encouraged to draw upon the principles and concepts taught in your classroom and apply them to practical situations in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences laboratories.

To personalise their visit, students will be involved in each session as test subjects or assistants. Students will receive a workbook to record their data and respond to questions. Our experienced staff are always keen to answer questions and discuss test results.

Your visit can be tailored to the needs of your students and PE program. Any combination of the outlined options are possible and we are always interested to hear about your specific requirements.

Visits may last from 45 minutes to a full day and incorporate one or several of the options.

Exercise Physiology (Focus Area B)*

This session involves testing the three energy systems to explore the body's physiological responses to exercise. Discussion will compare students' results to normative data, and apply concepts to training programs.

Aerobic Testing

A VO2max treadmill test is used to calculate aerobic capacity and maximal heart rate.
A demonstration of marathon pace is also used to personalise this distance event.

Anaerobic Testing

Peak power and work capacity are explored through two bike tests (10 second and 30 second Windgate bike tests).

Strength Testing and Training (Focus Area B)

This session includes specific tests of muscular strength, endurance and power monitoring. Students will examine applications to programming, training and sport performances, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and strength and power profiling.  A variety of isometric strength testing protocols using a Cybex machine are performed to demonstrate the strength and endurance of the quadriceps and hamstrings. The latest GymAware system is also used to monitor athletic strength and power profiling using free weights.

Motor Learning (Focus Area A)

Using Smart Speed timing light system, all students are given the opportunity to measure their simple and complex reaction times to visual stimuli. By exploring the underlying neural principles of information processing, students will develop an understanding of the importance of practice and feedback, and its applications to skill development. The Smart Speed system will also allow students to assess other aspects of sports performance including, speed, endurance, race-pacing and decision making.

Sport Psychology (Focus Area A)

Your Sport Psychology session will explore the principles of psychology to enhance physical performance.

Sessions can be adapted to match your class focus. 

Topics might include:
  • Motivation
  • Goal setting
  • Team dynamics
  • Arousal and performance
  • Imagery and visualisation
  • Relaxation and stress management 

Anthropometry (body size and composition)

This session involves the measuring of skinfolds, girths (Waist:Hip Ratio), height and weight (BMI). Discussion will be applied to general health and athletic performance.

  Cost (5 to 19 students)

Cost (20 to 35 students)

Exercise Physiology (1.5h)



Strength Testing (1h)



Anthropometry (1h)



Motor Control (1h)



Sport Psychology (1h)



Full-day visit (3 sessions)                 

$560.00/3 sessions


Please complete a booking request and our program coordinator will be intouch within 5 working days to confirm your request. Bookings are dependent upon availability of facilities and staff.

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